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Series S

Fire Alarm
System & Accessory

Fireman Intercom
System & Accessory

Series S is a range of controllers designed for a specific purpose, the basic design block used the same Microcontroller board, with additional board depend on the final applications, some example of controllers is shown as follows:

Model: SSS-6 is used to interface to the AC for time based cost calculation, it works similarly  to a cash register, when the AC is switched on, the controller will automatically monitor the duration of AC on & calculate the final amount to be paid by the customers.

SSS-6 is normally used in recreation outlets such as a badminton court.

Model: SS-2 is used to interface with the machines to monitor the downtime, as well as operator interface to key in the possible action to be taken.

Model: WS-300 is portable smart meter used in water industry.

The development of series S is based on customers' special need, if our existing module can satisfy the requirement, then we will develop the system, otherwise customer will have to use series i.

Specific System

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