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Series C

C-9SL  Conventional Optical Smoke Detector
Dual LED alarm indicators for 360° viewing angle, LED flashing in standby mode.
Advance sensor logic circuit with analog converter for smoke level discrimination algorithms.

Unique smoke sensing chamber with wrap around stainless steel wire mesh for protection against dirt, dust and flying insects

C-9HL  Conventional ROR & FT Heat Detector
Rate of Rise (ROR) & Fixed Temperature heat detector.

Thermistor sensor is used for long term accuracy & reliability.

Dual LED alarm indicators for 360 viewing angle, LED flashing in standby mode.

Built in output circuit to drive external LED indicator.
C-9BG  Conventional Break Glass

Unique ALARM/RESET test tool for easy maintenance.

Mounting back box with wire entry hole suitable for flush or surface mounting.

Optional protective clear plastic cover for double action alarm activation.

C-9BL  Conventional Bell
Unique swinging mechanism to prevent jamming.
High quality steel dome generates clear & loud sound.

Low power DC motor with gear driven hitting rings.
Conventional Detectors & Devices

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