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Mictron 9900 Addressable System

Fireman Intercom
System & Accessory

AX-9SL Optical Smoke Detector

Dual LED alarm indicators for 360 viewing angle.

Advance sensor logic circuit with analog convector for smoke level discrimination algorithms.

Unique sensing chamber for smoke detection, with wire mesh for protection against dirt, dust and flying insects.

Built-in remote LED (Light Emitting Diode) driver.

AX-9HL ROR & FT Heat Detector

Rate of Rise (ROR) & Fixed Temperature heat detector.
Built-in output circuit to drive external LED indicator.

Dual LED alarm indicators for 360 viewing angle.

Electronic thermistor sensor is use for long term accuracy & reliability.

AX-9BG Break Glass

Red LED alarm indicator when glass is shattered.
Unique Alarm/Reset test tool for easy maintenance.
Optional protective clear plastic cover for double action alarm activation.

AXM-1ZV-A 1 Zone & 1 Output I/O Unit
AX-9SCi Loop Line Short Circuit Isolator
Isolator base fully compatible with standard AX smoke/heat detector base

Built-in LED indicators for normal & isolated conditions.

Automatically reset when the loop line returned to normal

Designed for 1 sounder/control output and 1 flow switch zone input.
Small & compact design for easy installation.
Housed in a robust casing for added protection, suitable for indoor & outdoor installation.

AXM-1ZV-B 4 Status Input I/O Unit
Designed for 4 unsupervised inputs or 1 supervised input & 3 unsupervised inputs.
Compact design for directly integrated into the panel to be interfaced.
Suitable for monitoring of pump, CO2 panel, valve input as well as 1 zone input.

Portable Tester
The Tester/Programmer is a hand held unit used to test and program the series AX devices, it can also be used to set the address of the devices (soft addressing).
Series AX

Series AX Devices

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Mictron 9900