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Mictron 9900 Addressable System

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Optional Sub-System
Optional Sub-System
The sub-panel (Sub Fire Alarm Panel) can be part of main system, but located away from the main panel, it has the addressable devices connected to it and all the zone information are repeated at the main panel.

The LED based Repeater is also part of the main system, the LED will indicate the alarm, fault & disabled status of the zone.
The LCD based Repeater is used to indicate device & zone information on the LCD display.

The PC based user interface running on MS windows is used to display all device & zone information & floor plans on the screen.

The multi-colour mimic panel consists of all floor plans and section of the building on perspex sheet, the LEDs on mimic floor plans will indicate the location of each fire zone.
The RS232 linking is provided for communicating with other building services system.

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Mictron 9900