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System & Accessory

Mictron 800-SE Multiplex System

Main System
Mictron 800-SE
Main System
This is the Main Fireman Intercom Panel (MFIP), it consists of 3 parts:

           The LED Intercom Status Panel showing all the Remote Fireman Intercom Stations locations.
           The Master Handset Panel for communicating with the Remote Fireman Intercom Stations.
           The Keyboard/Trouble Indication Panel for selecting a Remote Fireman Intercom Stations
            for 2-ways communication.

From 10 to 1920 Remote Fireman Intercom Stations (RFIS).
Distributed wiring with local RTTU.
Party lines / conference calls from master handset to seven remote handsets.
Calling tone for remote & master handset.
Automatic volume compensation for different wire length.
Superb interlinking ability between panels.

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